July 13, 2024
Counter-Strike 2 is now out there as a free improve to CS:GO 4 hours in the past
Counter-Strike 2 is now out there as a free improve to CS:GO 4 hours in the past

Valve launched Counter-Strike 2 in the present day. The long-rumored recreation, formally introduced in March, has changed Counter-Strike: International Offensive as a free improve. It makes use of Valve’s in-house Supply 2 engine, resulting in sharper textures, extra plausible lighting and new geometry.

Valve stated it broke down maps into three classes. First, “Touchstone” maps are traditional scenes “with strong foundations” left largely untouched so gamers can take a look at basic gameplay adjustments from Counter-Strike: International Offensive to Counter-Strike 2. Subsequent, “Improve” maps give attention to Supply 2 lighting for extra realistic-looking reflections and supplies. Lastly, “Overhaul” maps are absolutely rebuilt from the bottom up, showcasing Supply 2’s full capabilities.

Smoke grenades also needs to seem extra real looking. Valve says it overhauled how they operate, making them extra dynamic. “No longer solely do all gamers see the identical smoke no matter place, however the smoke can work together with the surroundings in attention-grabbing methods,” Valve stated in a behind-the-scenes video. “It reacts to lighting [and] grows to fill areas naturally. The form of the smoke cloud will be pushed and carved by bullets and grenades.”

Valve says Counter-Strike 2 additionally helps sub-tick updates. Meaning the server will course of participant actions in between major (64Hz) tick updates. The corporate says this may let servers know the second you fireplace a weapon or chuck a grenade, main (not less than in idea) to extra responsive periods.

Counter-Strike 2 is a free improve to Counter-Strike: International Offensive on Steam. Any cosmetics collected in CS:GO will robotically switch to CS2.

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